Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Basic Bookworm

I am a bookworm, pure and simple. I love to read, I love to write. I love to write about reading. Bookworm. One day, I hope to be a librarian. Naturally, when asked to write a poem about my place, the place where I truly belong and that holds the greatest meaning for me, I wrote about the library. More specifically, I wrote about the stacks. That is my place, my home. Not surprisingly, I harbor a deep love for libraries in general. Around the world, there are dozens of literary treasure troves that I find myself in love with. While some people admire libraries for the aesthetically appealing architecture of the building or the decorative artwork, I admire other aspects. I think libraries are beautiful for the way the stacks are arranged or the ways in which one must access them. I’ll give you a little insight into my opinion of beautiful libraries.

While the rest of The Library of the University of Salamanca, Spain may be beautiful in the eyes of others, I love the beautiful cabinets of books and such in the manuscript room.

To me, the Library of the Wiblingen Monastery, Ulm, Germany is alluring in its twisting balcony, leading the stacks into little curving nooks and crannies. I also love the stacks hidden behind the two statues at the far end.

I love The National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague for pretty much the same reason that I love the Library of the Wiblingen Monastery, except that this library is so much more intense.

While Jay Walker’s Private library may begin to fall into the typical love for the aesthetically pleasing, I just love the way all the books are arranged. It’s fantastic.

Okay, I will admit, my love for the Rijksmuseum Library, Amsterdam is based almost entirely in that gorgeous spiral staircase.

Okay, so maybe my reasons for loving certain libraries aren’t that different from the norm. But for me, it’s more about how each library is a home for the books. Okay, yeah I’m pretty much the biggest bookworm and library geek ever. And I love it. =]


Brunette said...

The pictures are awesome! I never knew there were libraries that looked like this! So awesome, Ginger :)

Jezza Malik said...

I really enjoy your personal anecdote and interesting new addition to the blog project. After writing the "My Place at Sem" poem, this was an interesting way to tie personal thoughts and experiences into the class.

P.S. Awesome pictures too!

June Park said...

oh my god those libraries look AWESOME. i would soo love to go there and just read whole day. nice blog Ginger:)

maxy said...

This is the best post!!!!!!!!I could not move my eyes away from it!!!!!!It must feel great to read some poems in any of these libraries!!!!!And your idea of writing about libraries is just perfect!!!