Sunday, November 14, 2010

This sucks. Seriously.

As ecstatic as I am for this trimester to be ending, it sucks. I've been waiting eagerly for this week. Only half a day left of classes, a couple of exams to come, then a nice week-long break to spend time with friends and family. Delicious food, hours of sleep, the comfort of home. What could bring me down, right? The exact thing that usually brings me up: poetry. More specifically, poetry class. It's quickly coming to a close. I can't remember a single time I've ever been so sad to see the end of any of my classes. But then I've never had a class quite like this before. I've never enjoyed learning so much. It's never been so easy. I've never had a teacher who understood me (and my classmates) so well. A teacher who truly treated us like equals, who didn't belittle us for our lack of knowledge, who treated us like human beings instead of just students. A teacher who is willing to do just as much learning as she does teaching. I've never learned so much from one person, about academics as well as about life. I've never been in a class where one person can create such a safe atmosphere for so many. No fear, no guilt, no judgment. Where we could embrace our differences because being surrounded by so many different people made it that much more interesting. We were all the same, united, but different, voicing different opinions. For all the things I thought I'd never get out of school, thank you Mrs. Lewis. Here's a last little bit of poetry for you (I told you I could make it work):


Brunette said...

Spot on, Ginger! I couldn't agree with you more!